Video Conferencing

12 Mar

Video Conferencing has become one of the most popular modes of communication in the last few decades. It allows you to have a personal meeting with a person far away from you. Video Conferencing involves live video interaction between two or more distant parties via the web, simulating a real face to face meeting. Video Conferencing is highly important nowadays as it connects those who wouldn't normally be able to join a face to face meeting. 

IT support dubai enables you to communicate with a large number of people across the world for some cost effective international collaboration. This video conferencing system allows participants to interact through a web camera, with a click of the mouse. Different participants can then transmit their voices through separate headsets. Video collaboration can be done using separate webcams and microphones, and then recorded so that everyone can view at their own pace.

 The great thing about this new form of communication is the fact that you don't have to use complex equipment or long distances in order to participate. Polycom Dubai video Conferencing has really only taken off since the advent of small, room-based video conferencing systems which allow all the participants to sit virtually together in a real room at the conference site. Room-based videoconferencing has been very successful in many organizations, especially in education and research settings. However, many organizations still use the older form of telephony, known as ISDN, which cannot guarantee that the video signals are free of noise or interference from other audio sources in the same room.

 Using video conferencing in this way, you can save a lot of money and travel time, as well as reduce the potential for disruptions from others who may need to use different locations at the conference to attend. There are two primary methods for video conferencing, and they are often used by different participants participating in a conference. The first method is where all of the participants to take advantage of a local video conference service, such as Yahoo Messenger. In this case, all the participants need to bring their own computers, and all of the video connections must be kept on the local network. Then, there is the second method, which is the VoIP (voice over IP) video conferencing option. This method can allow participants from different locations to connect to the same video conference server at the same time, allowing all the participants to view the same video feed at the same time. 

When choosing a video conferencing system, make sure that it includes features that will meet your needs. For example, if you are having an international conference, you should look for a web conferencing service that supports international audio and video transmissions. Some services even allow you to make online calls with participants at different locations, in order to avoid the use of long distance carriers. You should also look for a system that provides a wide variety of options in terms of screen space, bandwidth, and speed. Different users will require different amounts of bandwidth, and the video calls should be available in a high-quality manner without having to wait on a slow connection. 

Other options that are available in a room-based video conferencing system include separate cameras so that each participant can see the screen of his or her computer at the same time as he or she hears the audio signal, as well as the ability to use a microphone so that the people in the room can hear the voice of the presenter as well as see the screen of their computer. Additional features to consider are a white boarding feature so that when a presenter enters a room, everyone can see the board right away, and a zoom lens so that the picture is actually seen in front of the presenter. Another useful feature is the use of a slide show function so that the user can easily pick out pictures from a sequence of images on the screen and move them around as desired. Room-based video conferencing systems also have additional features such as a remote control, which lets you control the presentation from another computer. Learn more about IT services at                                                            

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